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 Definitive version 0.8.

  • Bugs: Several corrected.
  • New: Incorporated translation to Hungarian. Thanks to Márton Balázs.



 This will be it possibly the last Beta version

  • Bugs: Phong Do has sent us the solution to the error 'List out of bounds'.
  • Modification: The window of credits (about..) it has been improved.
  • New: If put cursor above one of colors favorite it shows their color code.



 This is a second release candidate. It corrects an important error.

  • Bugs: Solved a bug of the option 'Always on top'. Now the options are not incorporated in the menu of the system. While it is corrected, the menu will be accessible with the right button.
  • New: Incorporated translation to Russian. Thanks to L0ST. Email, and web-site



 This is a preliminary version. We have already begun to create the help.

  • New: Incorporate Help of Windows (chm) and Manual (pdf). Partially.
  • New: Possibility to limit the palette to 216 colors (Web Safe). To allow to visualize the colors correctly in screens of 256 colors.
  • New: Now the number of favorite colors is unlimited.
  • New: Option of associating the files *. gcs (favorite).
  • New: Alone an instance of the application is allowed.
  • Modification: Changed the aesthetics.

 Get Color Sf now with installer :)

  • New: Now version exists with installer/unsintaller.
  • New: New incorporate language: Galician.
  • Bugs: Solved some bugs.

 Plenty of enhancements that lead us to release revision 0.7.0:

  • New: The color value can be directly edited in the text box.
  • New: Storage of favorite colors in a file and recovery of the colors from the saved file.
  • New: Double-clicking on any color allows us to edit it.
  • New: New output formats: Visual Basic, Visual C and Power Builder.
  • New: Latest version check.
  • New: 'always visible' option.
  • Modification: Now it also remembers the last fovrite colors and the zoom level when exiting.



 It didn't take us a long time, but we had to release a multilingual version. ;) :

  • New: One has gotten up multilingual support (English, French, Italian, Portuguese…). the translations have not been verified.
  • New: Multilingual support has been added (english, french, italian, portuguese...). Translations haven't been checked.
  • Fixed bug. Label not changing when selecting an output format other than HTML.



 First version stored in SourceForge. Completely functional but still a Beta version.

  • Magnifying tool with zoom level from 1 to 20.
  • Storage of the most used used in the favorite colors palette.
  • Conversion of the color to a gray scale tone.
  • Generation of the inverse color.RGB, HTML, Delphi output formats.


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